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Product Spotlight | Luxury Album | Beauty & Glamour Photography

While deciding what products to offer my clients (and I know I am not finished quite yet), I've been searching high and low for those things that really "wow" me; the things that make me gasp when I open the package; the things I know I will feel excited to pass on to others; the things that will enhance my clients' portraits and make them fall in love with them once again; the things they won't be able to resist looking at over and over that remind them of the amazing process they went through to be able to have that artwork to pass on to their grandchildren. This album is exactly all those things.

I absolutely love matted prints. While considering an album for my product line, I knew this would be one of the requirements. I love the focus on each individual image per page. I love the classic look and feel.

I also knew the quality had to be amazing. I can't even begin to describe how beautiful this album is. The cover is luxurious with a wonderful texture I can't stop running my hand over, the pages are incredibly thick, and the album itself is quite heavy.

The number of options to personalize the cover are so many! I think that will be one of the most fun parts of designing for my clients... choosing fabrics that will speak to their individual personalities.

I can only show so many pictures and say so much to describe something as gorgeous as this album. That's one of the reasons I love meeting a client previous to the portrait session. I want you to be able to see my products with your own eyes, feel their luxuriousness, begin to visualize your own images in an album or portfolio box, in a frame or on canvas. Each part of the process I offer is personalized and exciting for me to share with you. I'd love to talk more about it! Feel free to contact me using the contact form at the bottom of my home page here or call me at 219-690-8824. I can't wait to share your portraiture experience with you.

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