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Wardrobe and Hair and Makeup, Oh My!

This past weekend, I shared a model call experience with an awesome mother/daughter team. The purpose was to continue building my portfolio so I am able to showcase the types of sessions I'm truly passionate about. We had an amazing time together! I promise to share our results in the near future, but today, I wanted to take a moment to give you a peek inside Becky and Kaycie's time with me, which is very similar to what all my clients can expect to experience.

When they arrived, we chatted and looked through the wardrobe choices they brought from home, narrowing it down to what we would use for the day. Then, they settled in for hair and makeup by Laura, my extremely talented cosmetologist friend. Now, let me be the first to admit that I am not a daily hair and makeup kind of gal. I don't think that's what it takes to make someone beautiful. BUT, I will also admit that when I DO have my hair and makeup done, I feel refreshed and extra pretty. ;) And since the whole point of this business of mine is to make girls and women feel spectacular, I love the fact that they can come in exactly as they are and be pampered from the moment they walk through the door.

With hair and makeup complete, we moved on to the shoot. Becky and Kaycie had their portraits taken individually, as well as together. And let me just say how incredible they turned out! Very soon, they'll return to my home studio for their proofing appointment, but for now, I'm busy preparing their images for print and loving every minute of it. Okay, okay, twist my arm... just ONE sneak peek!

Stunning, right?!

Until Next Time,

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